The Sarah Palin Effect

Well, the big night is over.  If Governor Palin was the butterfly,  one does not have to go too far to feel the hurricane effect of her wings.

Liberals are stunned.  MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann seemed utterly stunned.  Not just stunned, but livid over how successful Governor Palin was as the convention.  Senator Harry Reid issued a statement saying that the VP nominee was “shrill and sarcastic.” (This comment never made it to the Senator’s website.  Check out the quote at the Boston Globe.)    Over on Senator Obama’s website, their response to the speech’s reference to his community activism: “Community organizing is how ordinary people respond to out-of-touch politicians and their failed policies.”   That is the political equiavalent to responding “Your Mother”.

Conservatives are delighted.  From Mike Gallagher’s blog: “And if we are fortunate enough to watch John McCain beat all the odds and win the presidency on November 4, I will always believe that Sarah Palin helped seal the deal for him.”   From Faith Ammen: “Palin did not pander, she did not cater, she did not complain. She did not beg to be recognized for being such a powerful leader AND a woman. She just is who she is.”   From William Crystal, over at the Weekly Standard: “This deflates all the sanctimonious praise of Obama at the Democratic convention for all his selfless years as a community organizer. And if you take away the community organizing, Obama’s just a career politician, one “who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform,” one of those who has used “change to promote their careers.” What’s left of Obama’s résumé, and his claim to deserve the presidency? Not much.”

What all this comes to is what staunch conservatives have been saying for years: conservatism works.  All it takes is one person to get up and proclaim, in clear and certain terms, that he (or now she) is in favor of the core values upon which this country was built.  Ronald Reagan did it, George Bush did it, now McCain-Palin are doing it.  If they stick to their guns (and no one is going to wrestle a gun away from an NRA member) not only will they win this election,  they will do it decisively.

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  • snarfboy

    Olympia Snowe, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Christine Todd Whitman, Susan Collins, Mary Bono – any of these Republican women would have been a boon to McCain adding intelligence, wisdom and experience to the ticket. He screwed up BIG TIME when he chose Palin and the voters agreed apparently.

  • All of the women you mentioned were moderate. McCain needed someone to the right of him.

    I agree that he screwed up big time – but it was not in his choice of running mates. It was that he failed to understand that his base did not want him to be moderate, but be staunchly conservative. No intelligent commentator would say that he had an easy fight – Obama is a great speaker and a formidable politician. But, the Arizona Senator made it impossible for himself by not standing firm on the historic principles of the Republican party – less government, less taxes, strong foreign policy, and individual freedom.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • TheBloodofTyrants

    “the historic principles of the Republican party – less government, less taxes, strong foreign policy, and individual freedom.”

    You realize of course that of these “historic” principles, one has failed on every level, one is a myth that began with Reagan, one is a hilarious piece of cognitive dissonance when you nominate someone like Palin, and one is a principle which the party only holds true for straight white males.

    • Thanks for your comment. Let me reply to them –

      1. I agree with you whole heartedly. Reagan was a proponent of small government – but he had to compromise on some of those principles in order to win in the bigger arenas of the Cold War and taxes. The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article which supports your criticism in this area, but gives some of the reasons. The article can be found here:

      2. Less taxes create prosperity – as evidenced by the economic rebound of the 80’s under President Reagan, the boom continued in the 90’s under President Clinton and a Republican Congress, and the tax cuts of the Bush era. Reducing taxes just makes good economic sense – as it puts more money into the hands of people who earned it. Having more money will result in a)More spending at the local level where it makes the most sense b)investment c)money to hire more employees. Of course, the best alternative is the Fair Tax:

      3. While one can say truthfully that Governor Palin may have little foreign experience, no one can say that Obama trumped McCain in this area. McCain was acknowledged by both sides as having a life time of experience – including now Secretary Clinton:

      4. “Straight white males”? Not really sure what you mean by this, but I will assume that you are referring to the conservatives’ concerns over gay marriage. While conservatives do look for limited government, we also look to that government to provide and enforce moral oversight of commonly held standards. The USA is a Christian nation, founded on those ideals. George Washington:

      Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.

      Conservatives believe in liberty, not licentiousness. Since this is also a Christian blog, I will also say that never in sin are we truly free.

      Thank you for your comments.