Proud Of Us

Have to admit – I am proud of us.  The “us” that I am giving props to is my generation – called Generation X, GenX, “Xers”, etc.  Most of the time, references to my age group are derisive and dismissive.  We are told that we are the “whatever” generation.  We would rather sit around in hot tubs and complain than actually do anything about it.  Not much to be proud of – if you  believe it.

However, I have found ample reason to be proud of my generation.  I just started really using my facebook page.  I have never really liked networking sites.  I have always viewed them as at best a waste of time and at worst a dangerous place where  your personal information is out there for the world to see.  Then people started hooking up with me – family first, some coworkers.  In the last few days it has become really exciting, as friends from high school and college have joined the fold.  Therein lies the source of my pride.

The profiles of my friends are profiles of people who are the exact opposite of the “I Don’t Care” generation that seemed to doom us 20 years ago.  I see men and women who have raised families.  I see the athletes who are teaching at respected universities, the shy classmates who are respected lawyers, and the class clowns who are successful doctors.  I see people involved in their families, communities, and their country.

GenX became dissatisfied with the politics, practices, and procedures of institutions that were unwilling or unable to change what we saw as a very unjust and evil world.  So we said “whatever” to them.  But far from withdrawing, we decided to change things in different ways – through our families, our work, our spiritual practices, and community involvement.

So, while I might never be a facebook maniac, that social networking site has put me back in touch with some of the best people I know.  Congratulations to all – I am proud of you.

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  • snarfboy

    I like to look at GenX as THE PROBLEM. Our generation will bring total chaos to the political system, tearing down the antiquated walls of democracy and bringing true revolution that will lead to the Balkanization of the United States.

  • Snarfboy –

    Thanks for your comments. You must be younger than I, and full of energy to make a difference. I salute you in your vigor.

    However, rest assured that my generation and others will understand a few things that you don’t:

    1. We are not a democracy, and never have been. We are republic, which is why we have lasted so long.
    2. Any effort to swing us in any other direction will be met with staunch resistance. “Balkanization” will not work because it assumes things of human nature that are not true. Hobbes was correct in saying that the role of government was to put the brakes on human evil. But, he also said that government must be as limited as possible in the process.

    Thanks for your comment.

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    • Thanks Jimmy!

      Ultimately I think it will be the Xers who will be instrumental in changing how we “do” church. We are by nature distrustful of institutions. However, we also want to see those institutions brought back to what they were formed to do. We look at the church in the same way.

  • lisaweedin

    I was born in 1972 and really feel that I have never fit in. Your opinion is so refreshing.

    Snarfboy – grow up!

    My friends are like yours- successful at finding their way in the world. The last election really energized a lot of them and even I found myself spending a lot of time campaigning for Ron Paul. We have come into our own truly.

    I wish I had a hot tub but so little time to enjoy it. Is that a complaint?

    • Lisa –

      Not a complaint – never!

      I do think we are finally coming into our own. We have never really fit in, because we did not like what we needed to fit into. I do not think we have always been against the institutions around us, but rather as to what those institutions have become. So, some we are working on to revamp back to what they were intended to be, and others we have just worked around.

      Thanks for your comments!

  • snarfboy

    You just don’t get the point! Our generation helped create peace in the Balkans. It is a good thing to break the country up into little pieces. All great empires – and we are an empire, when failing – and we are failing have eventually broken up into little pieces. What does Kansa have to do with Main – nothing. Palin can keep Alaska and can’t depend on help from Washington State and Oregon. Texas has always been its own nations. The Mormons may as well have Utah and Idaho. It goes on…… Us X-ers can make it happen by encouraging the nation to break apart. We don’t need false borders when we are connected by something greater.
    As for the lasting of this great republic…I am sure the final Roman emperors believed the same. I give the US 20 years TOPS. Our generation with its lawyers and bankers will see to the dissolution.

    • You are correct – Kansas has very little to do with Maine or Alaska. The one thing that they all do have in common is this: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It is these founding principles that unites all of us – no matter how far spread we are.

      The founding fathers never intended for the colonies/states to share every single thing. They realized that such a centralized government suppresses freedom. Their ideology pointed toward a federal government – with some powers logically assigned to the central government, but most residing in the states.

      If we are to change things, it would be to go back to what the founding fathers intended – that the sole purpose of the federal government is to provide three things – a standing army to protect against external attack, a justice system for internal security, and legislation that provides for interstate commerce. Everything else was to reside in the states. Under such a system, Kansas is not required to have much in common with Maine or Alaska.

      Will this Republic endure forever? No – as only Christ’s rule is eternal. I do hope that it lasts for a while. This country has done, and continues to do, great things.

      Thanks for your comment.