Obviously They Don’t Hate Us

As Iran continues to burn in the aftermath of its national “elections”, President Obama maintains that we must not meddle. He justifies his stance by maintaining that the Iranian people do not like the United States. If we get involved, the hope of freedom will be overwhelmed by anti-American sentiment.

America, though, has been “meddling” in world affairs since our independence 200 years ago. The War of 1812 decided our young nation’s sea rights. Shortly afterward, the United States Navy was instituted to handle the infamous Barbary Pirates of North Africa. Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders took on the expansion of Spain in our hemisphere. World War I, triggered by European politics, was only resolved by the intervention of the American Doughboy. If Japan had not attacked Pearl Harbor, America would not have meddled to bring an end to the evilness of the Nazis and Blackshirts in Europe.

We have meddled in other ways outside the military. Technologically, we are responsible for bringing the world together through telegraph, phone, satellite, and internet. We changed how the world manufactures, farms, and provides service. Our medical advances have prolonged and improved life. The 20th century is rightly called the American Century, for our nation changed a world.


Iranian Protests. AP Photo

Perhaps our greatest meddling, however, has not come from our military might, our technological knowhow, or our inventiveness. We have meddled because we are the Great Experiment, a shining beacon of liberty. We have demonstrated that government properly restrained by the will of the people will result in a nation that prospers and grows. We have declared that freedom is given to all men by God, and cannot be taken away by any government. From the dark streets of Beijing, to the cold streets of Moscow, and indeed to the sand-covered lanes of Tehran – the concept and power of liberty has interfered in every nation around the world. Some have embraced it, some have ignored it, and some have actively fought against it. Yet the light of freedom shines forth, and America is the brightest flame.

Our very existence has been one of meddling. Liberty is our principle export. We understand that free nations are stable nations, striving for peace within and outside their borders. It is time for President Obama to stop staying on the sidelines. It is time that he stop testing the winds of politics. The youth and freedom-loving people of Iran look to us. Obviously they do not hate us – for they are seeking the same rights and freedoms that we have held for two centuries. The signs in the covert videos of marches in Iran are in English – calling to us in the West. It is time for us to hold aloft the torch of freedom. It is time for us to extol the virtues of freedom. It is time…to meddle.

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