What the Conservatives must overcome

Senator Chris Dodd (D) of Connecticut announced today that he will not run for reelection.  Despite the joyful news of getting rid of one of the country’s most corrupt Senators, the GOP needs to be careful in their response.

Democrats are loosing 4 seats to retirement this year.  While Republicans are loosing 6 seats for the same reason – the Democrats are considered more at risk.  (Fox News)

Republicans, however, have to overcome two major hurdles.

First is the division in their own party between conservatives and moderates.  Moderates such as Olympia Snowe and others have continuously disappointed Republicans across the country by voting with Democrats on key issues.  They have embraced the idea of bi-partisanship – not understanding that the Democrats aren’t giving up anything.

Meghan McCain writes on her blog:

I am very proud to have the opportunity to speak on how the Republican Party can continue to find ways to be more inclusive and return to its core values and beliefs. Some photos from the weekend are below. (http://mccainblogette.com/)

These people and others do not realize that the reason why the GOP lost the election in 2008 was precisely because it got away from its core values and beliefs – though not the ones that Meghan is talking about.

Fortunately, RNC chair Michael Steele is waking up:

RNC Chairman Michael Steele, appearing Wednesday on “Fox and Friends,” said the right-wing populist movement “puts in stark relief where the American people are” and asserted it’s important for the GOP to “understand this so that we can move towards it, embrace it, and then move into the future.” (UPI.com)

About time – because I continue to believe that if the GOP will embrace its core values of limited government, less taxes, and individual freedom – they will win just about every time.

The other obstacle is overcome a very persuasive ignorance in this country.

This audio clip is from a few months ago, but it illustrates an ignorance that got President Obama and the Democrats elected in the first place.

Unfortunately, no amount of reasoned discussion will overcome such an incorrect view of government.  However, we must try.  The conservative movement must be in the cities, in the community centers, on campuses, and in churches.  We must be reaching out – providing for basic needs, but also educating at the same time.  Instead of Acorn, we should be the Oak Tree – strong, stately, and helping people get to the point where they can be Oak Trees themselves.

Goodbye, Senator Todd.  We will not miss you.  Here’s to hoping that we elect responsible Senators who will wipe out all the mess you have caused.

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