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Where Have I Been

Where Have I Been?

A very long-term and very dear friend messaged me a few days ago on Facebook, asking if I had anything to say myself – or am I just a trumpet for other people’s thoughts and ideas.   She said I had so much to say in high school (whatever THAT means) but seemingly nothing to say for myself now.  That hit me hard.

It is true, I have not written in quite a long time.  It seems that the only people who attend to my blog have been the Russians and Chinese – in other words spammers.

The reasons that I have not written:

  • I hate writing without facts.  It takes a great deal of time to research some of these articles – time which (I thought) would best be spent on developing my business, spending time with family, etc.  What I should have done is just manage my time better.
  • I was getting angry.  I love this country, have served in the military, and think we are the best nation on the planet.  I am amazed that I have not developed an ulcer from watching President Obama and his regime ruin the US, and am equally saddened by the blind and/or greedy masses of voters that seem ready to allow him to do just that.  So I stopped.  Upon reflection – that is exactly what those on the left want people like me to do.  However small and insignificant – any well thought discussions of the present power structure is good.
  • Frankly – I did not think I could contribute much.  I am surrounded by powerhouse thinkers such as T. M. Moore, Chuck Colson, Matt Guirno, Jimmy Davis and others.  What can I say that they cannot say better?  Well – recently I have been motivated to try.

So, I am back.  I have a lot of things going on – and a lot of challenges to face.  But, I am going to be faithful in maintaining this blog.  The Russians and the Chinese might be the only ones who read it – which might not be a bad thing.   But, I will be on here regularly.

And my old friend?  Well – who knew that dentists could be so smart!

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  • Sue

    Now that's my Korky talking! Now I want to hear about what you do on a daily/weekly basis to make positive change in your community. You were always passionate about your causes and I'll bet you are doing a lot and having an effect on many people. I look forward to reading Reuel–may not always agree, but willing to listen. That's what friends are for—missed you, buddy! This dentist went to Harvard–learned a thing or to about thinking there…. S

  • Chris Jones

    I wish I knew some Russian or Chinese to leave as a comment…guess this will have to do. Blessings to you, Reuel. Hope to see/hear from you soon!