Good Grief – The Russians Are Right

PutinVladimir Putin – not one of my favorite people – on Monday stated that America is a parasite on the world economy.  (Fox News).

He went on to say:

The country is living in debt. It is not living within its means, shifting the weight of responsibility on other countries and in a way acting as a parasite…

He is right.

The recent bill to handle the debt ceiling is a great example.  The government refuses to reign in spending.  The people refuse to have tax increases to confiscatory levels.  So, in a move that is both parasitical and irresponsibile – we voted to go ahead and borrow more money.

Neither individuals nor corporations are free to do what our government – which relies on these entities – has freed itself to undertake.  I cannot continually borrow money to meet bills that I have no intent of getting under control.  Businesses must answer to stock holders as to why income does not cover outlay. 

Our government, though,  can increase spending AND ask for more money on loan – all at the same time.  At least for now.

 I am saddened that our nation – once so fiercely proud of our independence – is now in debt to a whole host nations.  I am saddened that our politicians cannot see past their next election cycle.  I cringe at the thought that many of these irresponsible politicians are going to be re-elected because they successfully “fought to protect” any federal spending targeted at their constituents.

And I am livid that it takes a brutal and immoral man like Putin to point it out.

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