They Really Can See It

Today I explained the merits of the National Retail Sales Tax (The Fair Tax) to yet  another class of business math students.  The response I get, though,  is always the same:  “Why haven’t we done this yet?”

It is a powerful message that conservatives need to heed.

The students that I am talking to are non-traditional students. They do not come from an academic background – but a working class one. For many, this associate’s level degree will be the first college degree in their family. They are working hard to turn their life around, to get training for a career, and to change the course of their family.

And overwhelmingly they vote Democrat.

These are the type of folks that the Dems like – working class, not well educated, often union-oriented. Many of them are black, overwhelmingly female, and some have criminal records. These students are Southern Democrats – and are very proud of both parts of that title.

And they like the Fair Tax.

Because the chapter I am covering talks about payroll taxes, I am free to use the opportunity to discuss alternatives to the income tax. I go through the reasoning behind the fair tax, the numbers that come up when we eliminate the income tax, and the economic boom that would impact both individual and country. And overwhelmingly – they get it!

The Fair Tax – like other Conservative issues – has been represented as something hard to understand, hard to sell, hard to teach. Indeed the conservative movement itself has been characterized as something only geared for upper class, educated, white men.

But my students are the exact opposite of all these assumptions. And they are mad as Hell that such a simple answer to the economic woes of this country is being blocked by lobbyists and members of both parties. They cannot understand why we go deeper into debt while borrowing more to pay for programs that clearly do not work. They are sick and tired of politicians who mortgage the future of this country because they can buy votes from those who only want to suck at the teat of the American dream and not contribute to it.

The message is clear. Conservatives – the folks that we have overlooked are more ready than ever to hear our message. Liberals – your base is no longer following your lead, and are not buying the “government knows best” answer anymore.

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