Yet another deal, yet another loss

Speaker of the House Boehner once again caved in to political pressure to strike a deal with the Senate about the payroll tax. (Fox News)

Reaction is predictable.  Senator Reid is declaring a victory.  House conservatives are calling for Boehner to step down.  President Obama is making speeches.   And once again the American people are completely duped by bad politics.

It truly is about politics.  Neither side wants to be seen as the bad guy who raises taxes.  Both sides want to be champions of the middle class.  Republicans and Democrats know that an election is coming up – and that maneuvering of this type is essential to win (or hold) seats.

So Speaker Boehner caved.  Good politics demanded it.

But good politics is never a substitute for bad policy.  And this two-month extension is truly that – bad policy.  Businesses do not run on 60 day cycles. They cannot retool for two months, and then retool again as policy changes.   Small business does not want good policy for short term.  Small business wants good policy that is measured in years, not months.

Boehner did not have much of a choice.  Once again he was laid wide open by Senate Republicans who seek always to compromise, or at the very least, want all these battles to be fought on the House floor.  He is also compromised by the GOP’s continued inability to properly get their message out – and get it out clearly.  The Democrats are the masters of the Sound Bite – and the Speaker knows it.  So – like the Super Committee on Tax Cuts – good politics leads to bad policy.

Come next November, lets combine good politics AND good policy – shall we?

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  • Bob Chase

    The entire system is corrupt with lobbyist money. There is very little actual difference between the parties. I went from being a Democrat to Republican to waking up and realizing that there is little difference. The coprorations and governement are so entwined. There is no more "of the people, by the people, and for the people". It is now "of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations" – oh, that's right "corporations are people". In my opinion, we need to wash clean the entire cesspool of our capital and put in some mighty clear corruption proof safeguards. Too many people turn their time in office into a money-making opportunity.
    He may not be perfect, but I am a Ron Paul supporter. We need his kind of actual change.

  • I think there are some fundamental differences between the parties. Problem is – those in leadership in the GOP do not want to emphasize those differences. The frustration of the rank and file Republicans – especially the Freshman – is that they were elected to change the way Washington and the party does business. These deals – both last years Super Committee and this 2-month extension – continue to take the knees right out.

    I am convinced that if the GOP sticks to the historic principles of less government, less taxes, strong national security, and more individual responsibility – and figure out how to get that message out – they will not only win elections, but reignite the soul of America.

    Ron Paul certainly walks to his own drummer – and is not afraid to be different. I cannot support him because he is an isolationist and his adherence to some core Libertarian platforms that I cannot support.