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Culture Warrior or Disciple-Maker?

Culture Warriors wake up every day to go to battle – taking on society and those who stand in the way. Changing culture often requires breaking a few eggs – no matter how innocent. Continue reading

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A Challenge to Pray

Of course it is not easy to pray so dilligently, so fervantly FOR a man that you might not like. President Trump might be the anathema of every political view you might hold. Continue reading

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Facebook and Me – The Year To Come

My family and friends are too important to me for the kind of treatment seen lately on Facebook. I am not ready, however, to give up seeing them grow, sharing in their heartbreaks, rejoicing in their celebrations, and sharing my own story. Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Reince Priebus

The Republican Party will not receive any financial support until you decide to be Republican again. Continue reading

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The Irrelevant Church Part 2: Abandoning Our History

The church has become irrelevant because it has forgotten its past. It has no idea from where it has come, and hence has no clue as to where it should go. Continue reading

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