The End Of Politics

My father-in-law and collegue T. M. Moore has posted a good article at his website.

I wonder if the country has ever been as politically divided as it is today. There have always been deep political divisions in America. One thinks of Jefferson and Adams, Lincoln and Douglas, and even Nixon and virtually any Democrat. But the attitudes of spite and malice that characterize the worst political machinations have generally been confined to handfuls of people. Today the rancor, name-calling, and rage are spreading throughout the electorate and the nation as a whole. Witness the outrage over the interrogation memos and the heated confrontations over gay marriage. The idea of America as one nation under God is officially obsolete; it no longer exists. “My America” is now the nation of choice, while “your America” is an enemy to be vilified and crushed. What passes for public debate – radio talk shows and cable TV news – only enhances the rage and deepens the rifts. There is nothing on the horizon to offer any hope for uniting the nation around the idea of the nation and all its glorious vision, purpose, and heritage. This is the result of the politicization of American life, the view that everything of interest or importance can be reduced to politics and resolved through party action. Party lines have been drawn clearly and definitively, and each side is simply waiting and hoping that the other will screw up so royally that a window of opportunity will appear through which they can grab power and further the cause of their America while they may. Saddest of all this is the impotence of the Church to bring reason, reconciliation, or peace to the nation. We’re too compromised, too alienated, and too ill-informed to offer anything but more fuel to the fire. But we must not give up and we must not despair. Ours is the responsibility of seeking to promote the welfare of the nation for all its citizens, and prayer is the place to begin. Let the end of politics not be irreparable division, but incessant prayer for revival and renewal throughout the land.


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