Why Do We Keep Them?

Are we just at the point where “politician” and “corrupt” go hand in hand?

Look at the following examples:

  • Chris Dodd – In trouble again over a gift of a house in Ireland that came suspiciously after securing a Presidential pardon. (The Associated Press)
  • Senator Burris is not as clean as he made himself out to be. (The Sun Times)
  • Speaker Pelosi continues to lie about what she knew about water boarding (Judicial Watch)
  • Republican Senators and Congressmen who still do not get it about earmarks (RealClear Politics)

Clearly, these are not men and women who are morally competent to be elected. Yet, statistics show that House members have above a 90% re-election rate since 1974. Senators have a 80-90% chance of retaking their office. (Center for Responsive Politics).

The question then becomes – why do we keep reelecting them? The country clamored for a change in November, yet sent the same people back to Washington. No wonder we are still in a mess, still in gridlock, and still hearing about corruption scandals and unsubstantiated claims of falsehood. These people were corrupt before the elections – by sending them back we have in fact affirmed them in their dishonesty.

The mess that we see in Washington is OUR fault – we keep giving power to those whose irresponsibility has led us to this point. Imagine if we the people decided to always vote against the incumbent for the next 6 elections – that the time of the career politician is over? Imagine the fear that would be struck into the hearts and minds of our representatives. I think a little fear would do them good.

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