Keep It Quiet

A California mayor just found out something that future politicians will take for granted – any profession of a faith in Christ will bring down the wrath of Muslim and anti-religious groups.

According to Fox News – Lancaster Mayor Rex Parris stated at a private meeting that he is “growing a Christian community.” The event in question was made at a gathering of Christian ministers – a meeting which he paid for himself. This same mayor is sponsoring a ballot proposal that would bring unrestricted prayer back into schools.

CAIR – Council on American-Islamic Relations – has asked for a formal investigation into the matter. They like neither the statement that the mayor made at the meeting, nor the fact that the prayer ballot does not restrict the mention of Jesus Christ. I have no doubt that if the ballot mentioned Islamic prayers – CAIR would not have a problem.

The growing fact is that American politicians are under increasing pressure to hide their Christian faith. How many times at Christmas do we hear about towns forced to take down Christmas symbols – all to avoid costly lawsuits – even though the vast majority of the town is Christian. We hear about politicians who profess a personal faith – but go overboard not to be a Christian witness in their votes. Now a mayor is taking heat because he would like to see a “Christian community” as a result of his time in public office.

Christians in this country need to continue to elect Christians to office. We need to support them – prayerfully, financially, and personally – as they seek to serve Christ through public office. We must let our Christian brothers and sister know that the last thing we want from them – and the worst thing they can do in service of the Kingdom – is to keep their faith quiet.

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