Oh sure, trust him

Yet again, some conservatives are looking at “moderate” Democrats as a good avenue to stopping this monstrous health care bill. And – yet again – conservatives will be disappointed.

Representative Bart Stupak

Rep. Bart Stupak

According to Fox News, Representative Bart Stupak – the Democrat from Michigan who passed an amendment restricting the expansion of abortion in the new bill – is hopeful that a compromise can be reached.

“I’m more optimistic than I was a week ago,” Stupak told The Associated Press.

“The president says he doesn’t want to expand or restrict current law (on abortion). Neither do I,” Stupak said. “That’s never been our position. So is there some language that we can agree on that hits both points — we don’t restrict, we don’t expand abortion rights? I think we can get there.” (Fox News)

What Stupak and others are asked to do is in essence let the Senate-approved bill pass in the House, then trust the powers-that-be to go back and change things. The bill has to pass basically unchanged in the House in order for the Reconciliation Process to begin. In other words – the bill has to become law before any meaningful changes can be made to it.


Congressman, don’t fall for it. According to Politifact.com, President Obama has yet to fulfill the majority of his promises. The ones he has fulfilled are ones that expand government expenditures and influence. Why would he want to change legislation after it has been passed? Given that the President has a 100% approval rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) (OnTheIssues), he has not political nor ideological reason to limit the murdering of babies. Congressman Stupak and other pro-life Democrats have based their careers of bucking their party on this issue. I am astounded that he would endanger his political future by trusting people who should not be trusted.

But then again, Stupak is not a moderate in any sense of the word. His view on healthcare says it all:

Health care is not a privilege it is a basic right that should be afforded to all Americans. In reforming health care, Congress is building on the existing framework by making it easier for employers to provide health insurance through government-sponsored programs. (Stupak’s Website)

No Congressman. Healthcare is not, nor ever has been, a right. It is a benefit, a perk, a way of keeping employees around. It is a hedge against catastrophe. It is nice to have – but I do not see it listed as a basic right. Nor does Congress have the right to take it over – as everything the government gets its hands into explodes into a cacophony of bureaucracy and red tape.

Congressman Stupak will probably cave – since his principles are at best mixed and at worst contrary and cannot be simultaneously held. What will probably stop this bill – if it does indeed get defeated – is not decency, nor honor. What will stop this bill will be – and probably only will be – the desire of some Democrats to stay in office just a little longer. Unlike Speaker Pelosi who is calling for a heroic vote in opposition to public opinion yet knows she risks nothing because of her very liberal voting district – quite a few Democrats know that they will have to face a very angry constituency come November.

And they really do like that job in Washington, DC.

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