Kill ’em in public, save ’em in private

According to the Associated Press, President Obama later today will be signing the executive order that prohibits federal funding for abortion.  Rep. Stupak and other “pro-life” democrats will be invited.  It will be a private signing. (AP)

What a contrast  to the almost college-party atmosphere that surrounded the signing of the health care reform bill.  Festivity surrounds the enactment of a rotten bill that among other things provides for abortion.  Closed doors and no ceremonies accompany an act that saves babies.

Does Rep. Stupak know that he already has been lied to?  He insisted on a public signing of such an order.  In a recent interview with Fox News, Rep. Stupak fully admitted nothing is stopping President Obama from rescinding his order the very next day.  Yet – instead of voting no so that some sort of law could be codified about abortions – he instead put his trust in a president that has no ideological reason to stop abortions, and who has consistently broken campaign promises in order to get things done.

Abortion is not a private matter.  A study done by Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health shows that 93% of all abortions are done for purely social reasons.  These reasons include:

  • Feels unready for child/responsibility 25%
  • Feels she can’t afford baby 23%
  • Has all children she wants/other family responsibilities 19%
  • Relationship problem/single motherhood 8%
  • Feels she isn’t mature enough 7%
  • Interference with education/career plans 4%
  • Parents/partner wants abortion >1%

Less then 7% are for hard cases like rape, incest, or the health of the mother. (Fact sheet, PDF Download)

What do these numbers say about a society that allows for the routine murder of a baby for such trivial reasons?  What does this say about a President who has done everything to ensure that a woman can kill her baby and has done nothing to protect that baby itself?  What does this say about the foolishness of Rep. Stupak who have now allowed a bill to go into law that does nothing whatsoever to protect the unborn?

Mr. Stupak and others will find that they will have to answer for their foolishness.  And it won’t be done in private.

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