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SquirrellThe story goes of a church that was infested with squirrels. They tried everything – sealing off the attic, cutting down the trees, trapping and setting them free miles away. Nothing worked. Finally the pastor came up with a brilliant scheme. In a solemn occasion he had the elders baptize the squirrels. Now they only show up on Christmas and Easter.

The city of Hazelton, PA must be thinking the same way. They have tried everything to control an illegal immigrant population that is crippling the town. Seeing the lack of action on the part of the federal government (or perhaps we should say a very ACTIVE lack of action) this town decided to take matters into their own hands. Within the city limits, they made it illegal to rent to immigrants who aren’t supposed to be in this country. They also made it a crime to hire said workers. In other words, they made it illegal to hire and rent to — illegals.

Perhaps they should have followed the church’s lead and made them C&E people – only having to deal with them twice a year.

See – the 3rd Circuit Court has struck down the town’s attempt to maintain law and order (remember – illegal means not lawful). (Fox News) The Court stated that the town was treading on the jurisdiction of the federal government, and thus had no right to put such a mandate in place. So – now the town has to provide for people who do not pay taxes (illegal – remember? No papers – no tax id – no taxes) . They have to provide hospital care. Businesses can hire these workers at a cheaper rate (remember – no employment tax, social security, etc). In other words, the city of Hazelton, PA has to deal with it.

We should not be surprised at this ruling. This country continues to go from its historic routes of government at the lowest level to empowerment of a national government. We used to understand that government for the people works best when the governed and those trusted with government live next door to each other, go to church with each other, and face the same situations together. Local laws were to hold the most power over citizens – followed by states – followed at a distant third by the federal government.

The opposite is becoming more and more true. Case in point – during the height of the oil spill in Louisiana, the governor had a plan to erect barrier sand islands to protect the coast. It was workable, it was in place – and he could not do it because of federal regulations. “Jindal is so desperate for the islands, he’s said he’ll build them even if it sends him to jail.” (ABC News) The people of Louisiana knew what to do, they had the plans to do it, they were the ones closest to the scene – but were stymied because of whacky federal guidelines.

Hazelton – not to mention the entire states of Arizona, Rhode Island, and Virginia – know and understand their illegal immigration problem. They know how to handle it, and have the resources in place. They know what laws will work, and how to target those laws to be effective. The federal government – in its incredible drive to be a part of everyone’s life in an ever increasing way – will have no part of it.

Maybe we should see what the squirrels think. They will be around on the 25th of December.

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