Not Just A Hobby

Hobby LobbyHobby Lobby is suing the federal government over the right to offer or decline certain types of health care coverage for employees. (Fox News)

This kills me for two reasons. First, the amount of money that this craft and hobby store is going to have to spend to pursue this lawsuit will be amazing. But, as compared to the $1.3 million dollar A DAY (CNBC) fine that the company will have to cough up come January, the exorbitant costs of this suit will be well worth it.

But what really gets me is that they have to do it at all!

While no WalMart, Hobby Lobby has over 500 stores in 41 states. (Hobby Lobby) That is a lot of retail business – and a lot of jobs. According the Fox News report, the company has raised wages for four years in a row – no small feat in this economy. They offer everything from model rockets to latch hooks to those little Styrofoam balls that you push pins into to make amazing works of art (if you are artistic). They are open reasonable hours, employ full time chaplains for the employees, and are closed on Sundays. The stores are clean, well lit, and accessible. A great American company – with a great American story.

But the world-ending, soul-crunching, teeth-gnashing problem is that the Greens – the owners of the chain – do not want to offer health care coverage for abortions or abortion-inducing drugs.

They are fine with offering contraceptive coverage – birth control pills and the like. Like most evangelicals, the Green family looks upon pre-conceptive birth control as being faithful in the stewardship of resources. A husband and wife not in the position of raising a family should not be denied the physical and spiritual benefits of sex – and modern medicine and science has made that possible.

But what they do not want to pay for is abortion. Understanding that life begins at conception, the Greens believe that by offering coverage for ending the life of a baby – no matter how many hours or days old – makes them complicit in an action that is morally wrong. Hobby Lobby does not require everyone to hold to its views – just those who decide to work for the company.

The Green family respects every individual’s right to free speech and hopes that others will respect their rights also, including the right to live and do business according to their religious beliefs.(Fox News)

When we get down to it, the question before the board is not just about health care. It is about the right of a company to conduct business in way it sees fit. Whether it is offering certain kinds of health care – or none at all – is no business of the federal government. If my health care plan consists of a first aid box – and my employee accepts that condition – then what right does the government have at any level to contradict how I run MY business? If my employees do not like that condition – they can work for someone else. Be it offering health care at MY business, allowing smoking in MY restaurant, hiring AIDS free workers in MY food processing company – it is my business, my investment, and my risk.

Unfortunately, President Obama (who has never owned nor run a for-profit business) and the rest of his administration do not understand what business ownership is all about.

Go get ’em, Hobby Lobby!

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