Just Stop

They are to stand every morning to thank and to praise the LORD, and likewise at evening…
1 Ch 23:30

Brick WallWhen was the last time we just stopped praying and started praising?

As I was praying this morning that question hit me in the forehead.  Dead center.  Understand, there are people on my mind that are going through major crises in faith, health, or relationships.  I myself also have issues that should be lifted up.  While I do not subscribe to the notion of “prayer cover” – for God will work out His purpose regardless of our participation – I do know that we are to bring all things to Him.  And so I started my list.

Then I was shut down.  Hard.  It was if the Eternal had shouted across the heavens for me to stop my petitions:  “Enough!  I already know!”

“Lord?” I said after gaining courage to speak.  “What then shall I say?  What then shall I do?”

The Levites had the same problem.  Ordained by Moses to be the guardians and movers of the tabernacle, they found themselves lost after the building of the temple.  King David refocused them into the caretakers of the temple – a high and holy calling.  Most importantly, their first and last duty every day was to give praise to God and to thank Him for every deed of His grace.

So I praised.  For a few brief moments I had the joy of not caring one wit about who I am or what is going on in my life.  I participated – however inadequately and awkwardly – in the perpetual Gloria that fills the realm of the unseen.   And in that praise my burdens and concerns – still unspoken – were lifted not as petitions but as sacrifices to His glory.

If your prayer life is feeling “stoppered” –  just stop praying!

Then start praising with the hosts of heaven.

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