Athens meets Facebook

Now all the Athenians and the strangers visiting there used to spend their time in nothing other than telling or hearing something new.
-Acts 17:21

NetworkingIn a whirlwind tour, Paul in Acts 17 is stopping at various places in Greece sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. In some areas he met rowdy mobs. In other places he was met by the “more noble-minded” (Acts 17:11) who took up the Gospel after thoughtful discourse. And then there was Athens – central city of the Greek world.

Athens was a major center of commerce, travel, and religion. Much as New York does today, everything was bigger and bolder in the capitol city. All the major religions were there – and the minor ones as well. It was a center of education and philosophy. The citizens of Athens were sophisticated and worldly.

And they loved to talk.

They seemed to be always searching for something to talk about. Always on the lookout for something new were the Athenians. The message that Paul brought was new to them, so they listened eagerly. While some scoffed and scorned at him, others received Christ joyfully.

Today’s generation is no different. We see people on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and a host of other places sharing information and following what others have to say. We see blogs galore. Our email is never far, and we are joined at the hip to our cell phones and tablets. We want something new – something to fill the void that seems to be missing in our lives.

How much more the opportunity has become to bring the news of Christ to a new generation. As people Twitter and Blog in search of community, consider how powerful the intimate communion with Christ would be. In a world that has become smaller because of the internet, consider what a proclamation of the eternal glory of God would have! As we retreat into our homes and offices for the anonymity of digital communication, can we realize how life-changing a simple one-to-one conversation can be?

Now all the world used to spend their time telling or hearing something new. What better time to bring the old New Message of Jesus Christ.

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