On Probation

GOPNovember of 2014 brought an incredible change to Washington, DC. The rising cost of healthcare brought on by Obamacare, an indistinct and dangerous foreign policy toward radical Islam terrorists, immigration, and the Keystone Pipleline all drove the polls towards the GOP.

So, naturally, they led with an abortion bill.

Trust me, I am very much against the insane amount of abortions that go on in this country – especially since the vast majority of them are not performed for health reasons. (The Guttmacher Institute).  However, as has been proved countless times, Republicans ALWAYS lose on moral/lifestyle issues at the national level. Thankfully, the abortion issue has been taken over by the states. As Lamar Alexandar once said “Abortion is wrong, let the states handle it.” (On the Issues)

Republicans need to understand that the reason they won in November is that they had previously lost on the moral issues that so many had to put into their platforms. Free from these moral anchors (many of which I supported by the way) the GOP should have been free to do what they do best – the economy and foreign policy. These are the precise reasons that voters sent them to Washington. Americans do not necessarily trust the Republicans more on these issues than they do the Democrats, rather they distrust them less.

To borrow a phrase from Ann Coulter’s stance on the McCain candidacy, many voters got drunk and then voted Republican.

Instead of having a plan and putting it into place the moment they stepped into office, 28 days into January the Republicans still seem to be running around without any sense of direction. We should be seeing headlines such as “Republicans send bill to Obama to build the Keystone Pipeline” or “Individual Mandate Repealed in Congress”. To my utter frustration, we see news stories about Boehner’s speaker position and dissarray in the party about Obamacare. The Republicans have wasted valuable time – and trust – on leadership problems and votes on issues that divide the party – not to mention the country.

The Republicans are on probation to see whether they can govern and provide a viable alternative to the mess that Democrats have created. They should be sending bill after bill to Obama’s desk – or at least to the Senate – and then making sure the American people understand that it is now the Democrats that are the party of “No”. Low-hanging fruit such as the oil pipe line should have been in the hopper by now. A well-crafted response and plan to healthcare should have gone – excuse the pun – viral weeks ago.

Hopefully, the Party of Lincoln will get its act together and start governing. I trust that they will spend less time worrying about the next election and more about correcting the course of this nation. Perhaps they can prove that they are indeed worthy of the trust that has been given to them.

Please let it be soon.

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