Still No Answer

open-colorado-road-1442365-mA couple of years ago, I asked a question to which I got a grand total of zero responses. I once again ask the question of those who are on the left of me (which I admit encompasses quite a few people): Now that homosexual marriage is the law of the land in many states – and probably will be country-wide by the next presidential election – are those who pushed for these changes happy with the resulting upheaval of those who do not agree with it?

I am not talking about people who beat or molest homosexuals on the street or the workplace. Neither am I talking about churches who gather at funerals and cast insults upon the grieving families. People like these are monsters at best. They should be shunned, condemned, and persecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

No. I need a ruling on the question of your stance on the issue of the government forcing a bakery to make a cake for a homosexual marriage – even though such a marriage is against the beliefs of the owners. Or on what gives a government the right to force a photography agency to to take pictures of a homosexual union ceremony or be held in contempt of a Human Rights Act. I want to know – from those who rejoice at the recognition of your freedom to love whom you want to love – is this truly what you want to have happen?

Because if that is the case, you are going down the same road as those who oppressed you and from whom you have been set free. You have replaced one set of intolerances – oppression of homosexuality – with another set. You have argued for years that we must all be free to live our lives according to our personal being and choices – but now by your silence on this question you sign on to the persecution of those who hold to views different from your own.

Does a black-owned bakery now have to make cakes for Klu Klux Klan rallies? Does a photography studio owned by a homosexual couple now have to provide services for the Westboro Baptists? Or, does your silence only pertain to those who disagree with homosexual marriage?

I have written before of my contempt of CAIR and other Muslim organizations when they are not on the front lines of condemning attacks and atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists. Just as those organizations should lead the way in denouncing those acts, so too should those on the intelligent left be the loudest voices in halting the oppression of beliefs. Business owners take a great deal of risk just running their company – what right does the government have to force them to use their talents and skills in ways that run contrary to their set of of beliefs?

Surely you understand that the recognition of your rights does not – and must not – mean the dissolution of someone else’s. It is impossible that you do not see that such sanctions by the government on belief systems will always be universally oppressive in the long run. I cannot believe that you would want to see people face fines, sanctions or closure of their business – not because they committed a crime against you – but simply because their deeply-held belief structure says they cannot serve you.

So why are you silent?

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