An Open Letter to Reince Priebus

Reince PriebusDear Mr. Priebus:

Please do not expect any donations from me to the national party during the primaries. While I will – and have – given my financial support to individual candidates – the Republican Party will not receive any financial support until you decide to be Republican again.

Almost a year ago, the voters of this country swept Democrats out of congress and replaced them with members of your party. At considerable expense – and fighting a powerful President – we endeavored to start the process of correcting the very bad laws that came out of the Democrat Party. I understand that without a supermajority that not much could get done, especially a veto override. However, we expected you to at least try.

So far, the RNC has not even shown up at the starting blocks.

Consider what we expected you to do:

  1. Defund Obama Care – we expected bill after bill to go up to the White House. Again, we expected a veto on each one. But we also expected that the Republicans would have crafted those bills to make the President veto what would have been common sense reforms. Except for a few half-hearted resolutions, we have seen no major attacks on the Affordable Health Care bill.
  2. Under GOP leadership, the Senate stripped itself of treaty powers. No matter what the Executive branch titles it, the deal with Iran is by definition a treaty. The Constitution gives that power to the Senate – until Republicans gave it away.
  3. The border continues to be unsecured. This issue is not a Hispanic issue – which seems to scare the RNC into immobility. This is a national security issue. Yet, no bills have been passed in order to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and terrorists into this country. In fact, a bill fully funding the DHS and amnesty was passed in the House – but only with the help of Democrats.

In 2012 the RNC told us that we needed a House majority to get things done in Washington. We gave you that. In 2014, you told us that we needed a majority in both houses of Congress – we gave you that as well. For the 2016 round, we are told that we need a majority in Congress and win the White House. We will work hard for that goal.

But, if we succeed, will the RNC show up to govern?

  • Will you secure the borders and ensure national security by halting the illegal immigrant tidal wave?
  • Will you repeal and replace the ACA with something more sustainable, more workable, with less government involvement?
  • Will you negate any “agreements” that should have gone through the Senate because they are indeed treaties?
  • Will you reduce taxes and government spending? Is it indeed too hopeful to think you might even repeal the Income Tax and replace it with a national retail sales tax?
  • Will you be champions of small government?

In other words, will the Republicans govern as Republicans?

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