Et Tu CWA?

Penny Young NanceDear Ms. Nance:

Yesterday I posted on my blog an open letter to Ms. Terry O’Neil of the National Organization of Women (NOW). In the letter I questioned why her organization had not mentioned the pending involuntary separation of SGT 1st Class Charles Martland from the United States Army.

SGT Martland knocked to the ground an Afghan officer who admitted to – and laughed about – the repeated and prolonged sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy. The boy’s mother was also beaten after she went to local authorities. Martland was disciplined by the Army and received a “memorandum of reprimand” from Brig. General Christopher Haas. Because of that one mark on an otherwise spotless 11 year history, SGT Martland is being told to go home.

After I posted that letter, I was notified that your site also is missing any mention of this man’s name. Since I tend to be harder on fellow conservative organizations than on liberal ones, to say that I am disappointed is an understatement.

According to your issue‘s page, there is an “unmistakable standard that there is right and wrong.” These standards come from the understanding that Scripture is the inerrant Word of God which enable us to live according to the Spirit. As a conservative Christian who firmly holds to the doctrine of inerrancy, I agree with you.

That same page goes on to list your core issues, and why you have to stick to them in the face of how society is moving. I understand that you have limited resources, and need to set priorities. What I do not understand is why you fail to see that SGT Martland does not fall into several of the categories of your issues:

Sanctity of Life: If you are to support the protection of all human life from conception to natural death, does it not make sense that you want a big, burly guy trained in all manner of skills to do the protecting? He places his very body between tyranny and freedom, and in the case at hand between a young boy and perversion.

Defense of Family: SGT Martland sacrificed time with his own family to protect our country and in so doing defended another family thousands of miles from his home.

National Sovereignty: If we are to protect ourselves from tyranny, than we are to have a strong military with strong people. Today’s military, though, is politicized to the point where SGT Martland is released because of his high moral standards while those who cannot enter into the military in the first place are given special standards.

Sexual Exploitation: What could be more obscene than the rape of a child?

As I stated to NOW, I will say to you: this man is the type of person your organization has been trying to promote. Within the male-dominated world of Afghanistan, SGT Martland took the women’s word over a man’s. When the Afghan officer just shrugged off the accusations – hiding behind the accepted “tea-boy” practice of some in the area – the Green Beret took the culture head on and shoved the man to the ground. SGT Martland is unapologetic about his actions – and probably would do them again. He defended his country, he defended a helpless child, and he defended a woman.

Yet no where on your national website is there a single word about SGT Martland. Not one. I searched for it. My friend – who is a supporter of NOW and would align herself as far left of you – searched for it.

CWA No Results

You do talk about raising money to end Planned Parenthood. You are very upfront about your Christian values and your defense of family. I urge you to be equally upfront about this issue as well.

Or – as seems to be the truth at NOW as well – perhaps Afghan women just do not matter to you.

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