Breaking the Silence

Writers BlockI have been off the writing scene for a while.

The reason is partly because of a small case of writer’s block. That empty white page is daunting – and often bullies me to go do something else. Anything else.

But mostly I have been absent because, quite frankly, I have been overwhelmed by the sheer madness that has gripped our Republic for the last two years. Where do I begin?

I could start with the very simple idea that despite all the love that it seems to be getting, socialism does not work, and has never worked. There is no such thing as a “stable” socialist state – because by its very definition socialism is a transition to communism. It is unstable, violent, angry, and unsustainable. Politicians and others who call themselves Socialists are either unaware of what Marx wrote, or are too cowardly to admit what they truly are – Communists.

Or I could delve into the terrible and horrific culture of abortion that defines today’s feminism. Just a few days ago we saw a legislative chamber applaud as it passed a law that allowed even greater freedom for third-time abortions. We as a culture have accepted that abortion is purely and solely a woman’s issue – so is therefore mostly untouchable – especially by a white male. I say it is a human issue, a spiritual issue, and must be addressed by any who value human life.

Perhaps I could address the incredible hostility and vulgarity that is our social media today. I continue to use Facebook as a means to catch up on family and other events (see Facebook and Me – The Year To Come). I do, however, use Twitter for political issues. The hatred, the obscenity, and the unwillingness to discuss opposing viewpoints on that and other social platforms are disturbing at best. I often wonder if we would be far better off if we could shut down Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit – if just for two weeks.

I could even point out that all these issues – and more – are not the result of political differences, economic inequality, privilege, or toxic masculinity. They are simply the result of a nation that continues to run from a loving God. We have place the laws of humanity above the law and love of God. Our first obedience comes to party and ideology rather than the saving reality of Jesus Christ. We as a country reap the outcome of that disobedience daily.

And so, perhaps I will.

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