Embracing Evil

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
-1 John 2:15

The 2020 Election is still not able to be called. Lawyers, poll watchers, media talking heads and pundits are all out in force to resolve the issue.  It will be days before this election is sorted out before we get an idea as to who will lead America for the next four years.

One thing is very clear right now. We live in a country where fully half of the population supports evil.

Strong statement, considering that quite a few Americans who voted for Joe Biden were merely voting against Donald Trump. They were voting against his tax bills, voting against how he handled COVID, and voting against his tweets. An anecdotal survey of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets for the last six months would show supporters of the former VP rarely talked about “Joe”, there were just talking against the sitting president.

It doesn’t matter.

This election is foremost a clash of worldviews. Will we continue to be a Judeo-Christian based people that rely on capitalism as our economic model, or will we be a humanist society that promotes socialism to transition into communism? Since this is a conflict of worldview, there really is no middle ground for compromise. One side is correct and good, the other side is flawed and not good.

The case for capitalism is a good one. Every human system is imperfect, but there can be no doubt that capitalism is the only economic system that has proven to be the one true path to social and economic independence and growth. It has been capitalism that has allowed caste systems to be disregarded and allow individual success regardless of starting point. Capitalism is the one true economic check on human greed, because prosperity is achieved only by working together in the market.

In comparison, socialism and communism have a history of violence and suffering. It was socialism that created the German menace in Europe that took the world to another war. The Soviet Union killed millions and impoverished millions more as it centralized all aspects of the economy. China continues to kill untold numbers of its people, imprisons millions, and subjugates her remaining people – all in the name of the communist revolution. Venezuela went from a beautiful land of opportunity and resources to a struggling third-world country, North Korea cannot feed its people, and Cuba thinks that giving rice cookers to every person is a good idea. How can any of this history be called anything other than evil?

In this country, the Democrat party unabashedly subscribes to the tenants of socialism and communism. One need only to look at the DNC’s embracing of Bernie Sanders, AOC and the squad, Kamala Harris and others to see that an ideology that just 40 years ago was recognized as evil across both parties has now become the cornerstone of Democrats. In addition, this party advocates for the virtually unrestricted opportunity to kill babies, impoverishment of people by the forced redistribution of wealth, and the violent suppression of free speech through thuggery.

More troubling than any of these atrocities and platforms is the headlong rush to replace God as the supreme Deity with the idea that humanity is the center of the universe. We are told that Christianity has no place in this new order. The preaching of the Gospel is challenged as hate. The practicing of our faith is seen to be exclusive and intolerant. Those seeking to serve in public positions are challenged because they are “too faithful.” Christianity – which equalizes all of humanity through the sovereign grace of our resurrected Lord – is being replaced by a human-centered ideology that stratifies people according to their usefulness to the state. In other words, we are seeing a concentrated effort to turn away from the holiness of Jesus Christ to the unholiness and worldliness of humanism.

In the end, the reasons given for voting for Biden are merely lame excuses. Such a vote advocates for the slaughter of innocent babies. It is in favor of violence. It supports a system where God is put aside and the foolishness of humanity is idolized. A vote for the Democrat ticket is a vote for evil.

How can we possibly be proud of that?

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